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still life
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Architectural and interiors
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landscape and seascape
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Mini me..
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mix it up!
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Wedding are some samples, being constantly updated so please check back, message me if you would like to enquire about prices and packages.
The Words...a film
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Hardicott Shoot
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Hi Guys, here are some of the 500 odd images that I took on the 11th January, I am afraid that the sun played havoc with some of the images...there are many others and as I get round to editing them I will add them here, pop back in a couple of days and there will be more.

All the best and Thankyou for allowing me to be a part of your day.

Hardstone Farm Shoot
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Hi all, not sure how successful these are thanks to the weather, but here is a selection and I hope that there are some here that are of interest...thank you very much for allowing me to come along and take pictures and if the weather allows I would love to come along again if you will have me.

All the best
Great Western Harness Club
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Hi To all viewing this portfolio, these are some of the images from the Hayes Barton event on Saturday...I have set up a buy option for prints at an approximate size of 8 x 10 (cropped pictures will vary slightly in size) but larger size prints are available just message and me and I will do a favourable price :-) all the best and thank for a lovely day, all the turnouts were gorgeous. x
26th August 2015 Felix and Yetti
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Hope you all like these :-) I have lots more but these are the ones that I like the most!
Mr and Mrs Dores
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Mat and Laura
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Mat and absolute pleasure Xx
Dan and Stacey
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your wedding photos my lovlies xxx
The Bracken
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Lesley and Adrian
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The wedding of Lesley and Adrian, a beautiful day, clear blue skies and loads of sun!! a photographers nightmare! but a glorious day for you two xx